Active Moisture Leak (Plumbing) No visible signs of an issue when looking at this ceiling.

But the IR camera revealed an unusual thermal pattern and active dampness.

No visible signs of a problem when looking at this ceiling and light fixture.

The IR camera revealed an anomoly and confirmed dampness from condo unit above.

Thermal imaging camera reveals active moisture penetration.

Active moisture penetration confirmed by using a moisture meter.

Missing Insulation in roof cavity discovered by thermal imaging in the summer.

IR Camera picks up this important but hard to find anomoly in a visual inspection.

Missing insulation in exterior wall No visible signs of an issue when looking with a visual inspection.

But the Infrared camera revealed cooler surface temperatures between stud cavities in this bedroom exterior wall.

Thermal imaging camera was used to confirm location of heating pipes in this bedroom floor.

Radiant heating elements discovered wiht hydronic heating pipes working optimaly.

Thermal imaging camera reveals an active roof leak when viewing the ceiling.

A moisture meter was used to confirm active leaks from flat roof above

Thermal imaging camera reveals overheating wires which is a potential fire hazard.

Electrical hazards or Faults can be found in a thermal imaging inspection.

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