Owner Home Inspection

Separate the NEEDS from the WANTS

Home Inspection Airdrie

An unpleasant result of starting home renovations is that doing what you want leads to doing something you weren’t planning. Hidden problems are found when the work progresses and sometimes it makes sense to do one thing while you are in the middle of doing something else. A home inspection can help you sort out what additional work should be done and what work could be done or defered until later or completely avoided.

We want to help current owners with their Maintenance, Repairs, Renovations or Upgrades by performing a Maintenance or Pre-Renovation Home Inspection.
Maintenance Home Inspection

A maintenance home inspection discovers issues before they develop into costly problems. This is important to allow property owners to be aware of and prepared for future expenses. We can, for example, estimate the life expectancy of your roof, heating & cooling system, etc. An unbiased recommendation for repairs/upgrades is provided to increase the comfort/enjoyment of your home while reducing your heating/cooling costs. We can provide you with maintenance tips, and answer questions in order to give you a better understanding of your home.

Pre-Renovation Home Inspection

Finding out what you don’t know before you start, can reduce the chance of renovation headaches. We will give you objective information in our comprehensive report that will help you to create a better renovation design plan, and alert you to any structural, heating, plumbing, electrical, or any other important issues. We can recommend various strategies that educates you on where and what to build to increase comfort, reduce maintenance costs, and make your house more energy efficient. We will advise you in an unbiased manner as we do not benefit or profit from our recommendations in any manner.

Here are some things to consider before attempting any home renovations:


Any change to interior walls may tend to compromise structural support. An inspector can help you determine if a wall is load bearing, and how you may work around it.


Adding onto a house or simply providing a skylight will require roof work. Should you replace all the existing materials, or is it safe to tie in the new construction with the old? The inspector can help you with your options.


Finishing a basement in an older house can be the beginning of learning about mould growth. A professional home inspector can give you advice on how to reduce or eliminate dampness, often with easy to implement and low cost suggestions. He can also give advice on how to install the best basement finishes to minimize the risk of water damage and mould growth.