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Welcome real estate buyers – we will strive to assist you in making an informed decision by performing your Pre-Purchase or Pre-Offer Home Inspection
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Whether you have purchased and sold several homes or are a first time home purchaser, it is an exciting time. Experienced purchasers know that it is important to be more informed about their prospective investment by having a buyers home inspection performed. Today it’s all about minimizing risk – don’t allow yourself to be caught by unforeseen and perhaps costly problems that could have been recognized by a home inspector.

Many of our clients have saved thousands of dollars by renegotiating the asking price, while others have avoided purchasing a “money sucking disaster”.

What Are the Benefits of a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection for the Home Buyer?

  • You can get a better understanding of the property – existing condition of various structural systems and vital components, need for repairs/improvements/upgrades, further evaluations, and can also alert you to any safety hazards before you buy.
  • The number of surprises you may discover after you move in can be reduced
  • We supply valuable details about your potential new home – as an educational courtesy, we’ll point out where the main shut-offs to the utilities are located, provide energy saving, renovation, maintenance advice, and answer questions that you may have.
  • A pre-purchase home inspection will substantially reduce your risks by identifying conditions that will affect your decision to buy, renegotiate, or not to buy the property. Our report will have a comprehensive list of our findings and help you make an informed decision
  • Although a home inspection is not required when purchasing your property. it is highly recommended in order to have the best information about the condition of your new home and whether any repairs have to be made before signing on the dotted line.
  • There are important questions to ask your home inspector including his certification and experience. He is hired by you and is of course on your side in the home inspection process but for your peace of mind a review of his qualifications is helpful.
  • Most home inspectors recommend that buyers attend their home inspection? They see it as an opportunity to thoroughly answer any questions that the buyers may have about the property’s condition and can provide instructions on how to maintain the property. Read this article posted on our blog Safely Securing a Mortgage.

New Home Inspection Calgary AB

Congratulations on purchasing your new home. We want to document any deficiencies that your builder may be responsible for to protect your investment.

Inspections done by the City or Contractor/Building Company may not always catch issues or problems with your new home

Wise home purchasers use Begin Inspections Ltd. to find any defects in your new home as regards to materials, workmanship, incomplete items, health & safety issues. We will document in our report any deficiencies to be corrected at the builders expense or that are under warranty.

Our recommendation is to have your new home inspection done by Begin Inspections within 30 days to 6 months after taking possession.

Welcome Real Estate Sellers…Begin Inspections Ltd. would like to help you with your successful sale of your current home by providing a detailed Pre-Listing or Pre-Sale Home Inspection
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Benefits of having a Pre-Listing or Pre-Sale Inspection:

Having your home inspected before you buy it is known and practiced by every smart home buyer. What about having a home inspection before you list or try and sell your property? Here are some benefits of having a certified home inspection before you sell your property that could save you time and money in the long run.

Most potential buyers will have an inspection performed, and issues discovered in the inspection might turn up that need to be resolved before a deal is reached on the purchase of the property.

Having a home inspection performed before putting your property on the market can be advantageous. Getting a heads up on any repairs that need to be done and might be found out by a buyers inspection can fascilitate a quicker deal without any delays.

Used as a marketing tool in your home sale and as a way of instilling good faith to your prospective buyers, a pre-listing home inspection included in your advertising is a way of showing good faith.

If there are any repairs that are you are unable to complete before putting your property on the market you can adjust your negotiations and asking price, allowing you to be upfront and transparent with your buyers. Having this home inspection could eliminate any surprises that might cause the buyer cancel the deal or try and negotiate a lower price.

Getting the best deal for your home is the main advantage of having your own home inspection done by a certified home inspector and is a proactive and smart thing to do aleviating any unforseen problems and fascilitating a good outcome for all concerned.

Some other reasons for getting a home seller inspection are:

  • Being prepared for the sale – problems that are discovered can be addressed and repaired or improved on your own time schedule.
  • Many homes that receive a pre-sale inspection are on the market for less time and sell closer to the listing price advertised.
  • A better understanding of the home can be provided to any prospective buyer from our inspection report resulting in fewer negotiations over price. An inspection report can also attract prospective buyers from purchasing homes that do not provide this report.
  • Supplying you with knowledge and understanding is our mission and is as easy as contacting us via phone or e mail. Using an inexperienced inspector who is not knowledgeable could result in attempts to exaggerate issues including repair costs. Make sure that your home inspection is done by an interNACHI certified home inspector.
  • Be prepared and ready in case of surprises or problems uncovered by the buyer’s inspector. This could potentially cause delays in closing, and you may end up paying for repairs at the last minute, or accept a lower price on your home.Learn why you should include an owner home inspection for maintenance, repairs, renovations or upgrades to your existing property.

6 month & 1 year is a typical warranty inspection for a home builder providing a second party view of the possible concerns with workmanship, defects and functionality.