Technology Transforming Home Buying

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How technology is transforming home buying

Thermal Imaging Inspection Calgary AB
written by Cassie Steele

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic,” said Arthur C Clarke, the science fiction author, screenwriter of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and inventor. These days, with technological innovation moving at a faster pace than ever before, Clarke’s words certainly ring true. As a consumer, there are seemingly endless ways to incorporate tech into your own life. This is particularly true for anyone looking to buy a property, where the complexity of the purchase means it’s easy to make a mistake. In this article, we will look at different ways you can incorporate technology into the house buying and ownership process, so you know how exactly the latest developments will affect you!

Choosing a property

It can be hard to know where to start when you’re choosing a property, and technology can really help in this area. If you’re looking at moving to Calgary, and don’t want to trek across Canada for every viewing, you can now use virtual reality to get a sense of whether a property is for you before viewing it. Virtual reality tours, using VR headsets, give potential buyers a 360 degree view of every room in a property, and can be a great first step to eliminate unsuitable homes before visiting them in person.

Once you’ve chosen a place, a home inspection will also use suitably high-tech equipment. Specialist thermal imaging cameras, usually retailing at $300 at a minimum, show the relative temperature of one object in comparison to those around it. This means inspectors can find out problems which might not be obvious to the naked eye. For example, this technology can be used for identifying damp, which can lead to structural damage to your home in the future, and dodgy electrical work, which could prove to be a major safety concern once you move in.

Technology after you’ve settled in

Even once you’ve moved in, there are many ways that technology designed for the home makes it easier for property owners to make sure their home maintains its value, or for tenants to make sure they get their deposit back! There are an increasing number of robotic vacuums and mops available on the market, saving households time and meaning you can clean the property when you’re not even at home.

One of the biggest trends in home tech is smart home automation. A recent study found that over a third of Canadians have already adopted smart home technology, rising to two thirds when asked whether they’re likely to buy the technology over the next two years. Popular choices include smart TVs, which are internet-connected televisions, and smart thermometers. Unlike traditional or even programmable thermometers, smart thermometers can adjust themselves based on ambient conditions and show how much energy you’re consuming over time. Just as robotic cleaners might save you time, smart thermometers could save you a great deal of money!

I, Robot

Thermal imaging, virtual reality, robotic vacuums and smart home technology: Arthur C Clarke may not have predicted any of these technologies, but that doesn’t mean we’re not living in the future. Technological advance is affecting every one of us already – why miss out on reaping the benefits when it comes to choosing your home?