When you are moving into a new home, one of the best things that you can do is get a home inspection. It will not only ensure you are able to check out any errors or possible faults in the home, but can also figure out whether you are getting value for money from it or not. However, a lot of people don’t fully understand the importance of home inspections or why they are necessary before you make a purchasing decision. This is why they end up making mistakes that could have been easily avoided and it costs them huge amounts of money.


So check out the biggest home inspection mistakes that you should avoid


Not Inspecting New Construction

This is a rookie mistake and definitely one that is going to come back and haunt you. It doesn’t matter how recently the construction of the home is, an inspection should be mandatory. It will help you catch any faults and any potential problems that can escalate in the near future. Never assume that new construction work will be faultless, and always choose the safe option of going for an inspection.

Choosing the Wrong Inspector

When you are choosing a home inspector, you have to make sure that you pick out an individual who is not only professional but also has a lot of experience. A lot of people pick out home inspectors based on these criteria, but they forget another important aspect. The home inspector also has to be competent at their job, and must be trustworthy and easy to work with. If you end up hiring a home inspector who simply doesn’t pay attention to their work, then you won’t get all the advantages of a home inspection.


Not Following Through on the Inspection

A lot of people trust their home inspector to provide them with a written report with all the details about the inspection. They don’t go along with the inspection, and therefore, don’t have firsthand experience of what the home inspection report is about. If you don’t follow through with the home inspection, you will never be able to understand the problems that have been mentioned in the report. This means that at the end of the day, you will not be able to take advantage from the home inspection and it will be a total waste.


Ignoring the Recommendations of the Home Inspector

When you hire a home inspector, you need to trust the individual and make sure that you take their recommendations into account. Most home buyers don’t really follow their recommendations and therefore never get the maximum advantage from the inspection. Most home inspectors will give their own recommendations and evaluations to the home buyers, and you need to seriously consider these, since they will be in your best interests.

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