Using Thermography for Building Diagnostics
Presenter: Randy Kiez, EXP Services Inc.


The effects of water intrusion, air leakage and missing or inadequately installed insulation can be hidden from view and go undetected for years. The deleterious effects of water accumulation within the building envelope are well documented, causing untold damages and effecting costly repairs, and sometimes posing danger to the occupants and public. Air leakage is insidious and can move substantial amounts of water vapour to inaccessible locations leading to building envelope deterioration. Higher utility costs, occupant discomfort, and the entry of contaminants, bugs and vermin through the leakage paths are often associated with uncontrolled air leakage which can be costly to trace and remediate. An inadequately installed insulation may never be detected essentially deceiving the building owner of what they thought they paid for.

heating loss image for thermal imaging

Why is a Thermal Imaging Inspection Important

Thermal imaging is useful to detect the unique patterns of ‘heat’ associated with moisture, air leakage, insulation anomalies, and other deficiencies and components within buildings. It is a non-destructive technique offering a ‘panoramic’ view of the target at a safe distance.

See some examples of our infra red and thermal imaging inspection results on actual home inspections in our picture gallery of thermal imaging 

This presentation will describe the basics of infrared thermography, its capabilities, and its limitations, which is useful knowledge for those contracting or specifying infrared services. The presentation will introduce and discuss the various applicable standards related to Thermography in Building Envelopes. It will discuss critical aspects including suitable weather conditions, best times during the day for some select assemblies, pressurization and depressurization of buildings to conduct effective thermography, etc.

A variety of thermal images will be presented from commercial and residential jobs depicting various anomalies which building investigators, architects, suppliers and contractors may find useful in their day to day work. Images of the following assemblies/components will be viewed:
– Brick veneer wall
– Windows
– Spray foam insulation in cavity wall and attics
– Vapour egress through walls to the exterior
– Stucco walls with active moisture
– Location of structural components
– Roofs

red and white thermal imaging picture of heat loss from a thermal imaging inspection


Randy Kiez is a Senior Consultant with the Building Science Division of exp Services Inc. With several years of experience in building science consulting, Randy started focusing on thermography in 2008 and is now a Certified Level III Thermographer. Randy currently uses a FLIR B300 imager designed for building diagnostics. He has presented at several infrared conferences throughout Canada and the USA.



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